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Agenda 2018

Exploring the Big Issues

The 2018 World Economic Forum meeting in Davos takes place annually. In January of 2018, world leaders convened to tackle the 2018 theme – Creating a Shared Future in a Fractured World – and leaders from all walks of life were called upon to develop a shared narrative to improve the state of the world.

At Thinkers50 we celebrate great management ideas – ideas that come from a variety of academic and management disciplines and cover all aspects of organisational endeavour. We recognise the importance of ideas in helping to capture and disseminate the benefits of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and we acknowledge their power in mapping a path toward shared prosperity.

That’s why we are partnering with the Brightline Initiative in a new venture called the Agenda Project, featuring ideas and viewpoints from management thinkers that have a bearing on the discussions that take place in Switzerland. Agenda 2018 begins our collaboration.

The Agenda Project is guided by Klaus Schwab’s words: “Our first response must be to develop new models for cooperation that are not based on narrow interests but on the destiny of humanity as a whole.”

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Featured Posts

Will Trump in Davos be the elephant in the china shop?

Last year I described him as "the elephant not in the room." This year he's more likely to be the elephant in the china shop. The World Economic Forum starts in Davos on Monday – and there's a star attraction, or distraction, in U.S. President Donald Trump. On the...

The Real Agenda for 2018

The challenges facing the world are vast and apparently timeless.  Poverty and famine have stalked the decades of our lives.  Issues such as climate change and pollution have been discussed, dissected and sometimes dismissed over the years. It is time to move beyond...

LBS for Agenda 2018

In this series of short videos filmed for Agenda 2018, five leading thinkers from London Business School identify some important issues for the year ahead, consider threats and opportunities, provide some advice for business leaders, and contemplate the impact of technological change on organizations.

What Happens When AI Gets Real

Tying in with the World Economic Forum’s Industry and Business Agenda and Future Agenda, we asked a number of thinkers about the impact of new technologies such as AI. What skills will organisations need to thrive and how can they best leverage AI to their advantage? How will AI impact business decision making?

Are you ready to lead in the age of AI?

Terence Mauri, author of The Leader’s Mindset, explains why the world needs leaders who are equipped to lead in a world increasingly influenced by the impact of artificial intelligence.

Why blockchain is dominating discussions in Davos

One technology topic here towers over all others: blockchain. It is bigger than artificial intelligence, social media, robotics or anything else. Every year, more and more companies descend on this small Swiss ski village to show their leadership and pitch their services. This action around blockchain (the technology behind cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin) is striking.

Cognitive Diversity: Your next competitive advantage?

In an increasingly fragmented world, traditional sources of knowledge and innovation are no longer enough. Professor Celia de Anca, Director of the Diversity Center at IE Business School, explains why cognitive diversity – different ideas, perceptions and knowledge – will be a key driver for the fourth industrial revolution.

China vs. the USA – the great AI race

Live from Davos, Haiyan Wang, Managing Partner of the China India Institute and co-author of The Quest for Global Dominance and Getting China and India Right, provides some takeaways following a round table discussion on China.

How can we combat fake news?

Live from the World Economic Forum at Davos 2018, Professor Anil Gupta, co-author of The Quest for Global Dominance and Getting China and India Right, provides his thoughts on the Fake News Versus Real Politics debate.

The Yours Truly Manifesto

Margarita Mayo, Professor of Leadership at IE Business School and author of Yours Truly (published Feb 2018) explains why our world needs authentic leadership more than ever before, and outlines her Yours Truly Manifesto.

Takeaways from Modi’s opening address

Live from the World Economic Forum at Davos 2018, Professor Anil Gupta, co-author of The Quest for Global Dominance and Getting China and India Right, reflects on the highlights from the open plenary address delivered by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.